Bloggers like me often fall into the trap of writers block.

Finding new ideas and continuously writing unique, in-depth and worth-sharing article is kind of time consuming and require hours after hours of research to bring the best of the niche/topic you are going to write about.

While doing the research and craving for new ideas; people stuck and get irritated and quit.

This is exactly the reason of why I quit blogging sever times in my life. 🙂

I started blogging in 2009 and already quit 5 times in between 2009 to 2017.

But, the best part of it is – I started again recently and hope I am not going to quit blogging anymore.

Its because, I have a strong mindset this time and got some good sources from where I can instantly generate hundreds of ideas I can blog about. Most importantly now I know, I will no longer have to wait for thinking, brainstorming and researching what the next topic I will be writing about.

So, here are my tricks as a list to generate blogging ideas constantly for any niche/topic/industry.

Read on –

Start With Numbers (Numbers Blogging)

Sounds weird?

Well, let me describe.

You see, people these days like to compare everything and want to see all of their expected stuffs in a single page!

So, the idea of numbers blogging came up!

article writing ideas for blog

You need to see all the blogging tools for free in a one place? Just search on 100 free blogging tools on Google.

You need to check all time favorite Western Movie characters in just one place? Just search like “50 western movie actors” and Google will show you who they are.

So, no matter what the industry you write about. No matter how tiny your niche is to write a lot of articles, always start with the numbers first.

People, these days use numbers a lot on their search phrase and you, should be taking the benefits of it now!

You know what I mean!

Put 20, 10, 30, 50 or 100 or whatever. Start with the numbers and jot down the tips, tricks, tools, problems, solutions, suggestions in just one article.

Google, as well as people love this kind of list articles.


Think About the Year On Your Next Blog Topic (Year Focused Blogging)


People always like to get trendy, updated and extremely latest information no matter what.

No matter what is the best brands of pressure cooker people love to buy all the time; but in 2017, people will search by “best pressure cooker 2017” to get the latest deal, products, technology and updated products.


unique article ideas


No matter how better the HP Laptop is performing over the years; people are still looking for “best laptops of 2017” to know about the latest specifications and technology involved in it.

So, don’t worry about the most discussed topic, niche items already written hundred times over the years; you can write about the topic again with 2017 adding it in your title.

You got the idea, right?

Endless ideas for your topic just have been generated. It’s your turn now!

Just go to Google, find some blogs related to your topic using search phrase like “Topic/Keyword + Blog” and see what are their most popular contents. Just add “2017” in the title of it and start decorating the content using your own voice and style.


Solve Problems With Your Blog (Questions Blogging)


You know what?

A lot of people only go to Google to search when they have a questions on their mind or have quest to explore something!

Well, your next blogging or article writing ideas are literally laying on it.

questions blogging

Go to and search with your niche/keyword.

You will get hundreds of thousands questions popped up in front of you.

You will get existing answers and some un-answered questions too.

How you will use this idea and take it to the next level?

Let me explain!

Sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers are your main source of the ideas. Go there, explore what people asked already and take it to your blog for further curation and expanding it even better for better understanding the topic/niche/keywords.

You see, existing quora answers mostly come from marketers which is little to no value most of the time. The answerers doesn’t cover the topic in depth and that is the gap where you can work by using your more-in-depth, well-researched and quality articles.

So, how many questions you already picked and noted down to write about?

Go, and work hard on it. Golden nuggets ahead! 🙂


Talk about Pains, Benefits & Problems (Emotion Blogging)


A research showed that, people love reading blogs more than the newspapers and traditional websites.


Because, in blog you will get all the researched data in just one place and beautifully presented for the readers of all over the world who speaks native and not.

Lets talk about pain!

No matter what the niche you are writing a blog about; there are some pains!

For the marketer; customizing websites or making a blog/website from scratch are the real pain. Your next blog ideas can be about WordPress plugins that will help them solving their Logo resizing problems, typography problems or social sharing or anything.

For the Dental Surgeons of NYC, they might face trouble keeping a digital log of their patient and monthly schedules alert and your blog posts can guide him/her with the required/necessary online tools to make the process easier.

For the local vegetable sellers, they might face problems on supplying the vegetables due to insufficient storage of their own, and they are in need of contacts of the suppliers immediately. Your blog post can jot down all the local green vegetable supplier’s contact in just one post to solve the pains.

You get the idea…right?


I am in dilemma on which Deep-Fridge I should buy these days. There are lots of brands and which one to pick?

Your blog can be a great help to me if you can review each Deep-fridge from different companies so that I can read and decide which one to buy and what suits my need.

See, how ConsumerReports are following this strategy –



And, the problems!


People know their problems well. Now, they might be looking for the solutions online and searching by – “ How to get rid of cough immediately?”

Or they are using their mobile phone and searching – “My Mac just stopped responding and nothing works. How to quit and restart my Mac?”.

Or, accidentally someone erased their contacts from their phone and need to restore them up.

You have the whole bunch of ideas now!

What are you waiting for?

Open a page on your Mac, or MS Word on your Windows and write down all the Pains, Problems or Benefits that your audience may suffer and provide solutions on your blog.


Simple but countless number of ideas to start writing from today.

Now, lets talk about some Tool to help you researching and finding new blog topic ideas for you.

Tools For Finding Article Writing Ideas for Your Blog

  1. Trending Questions : Sign Up and get more questions for any topic you search.
  2. Google Alerts : Just set some alerts based on your interest or keywords and Google will regularly send you emails about those topics/keywords so that you can get the idea swiftly (before it gets viral/spread all over the net).
  3. Feedly : An RSS Feed Reader to subscribe all your Niche based websites and read all of the contents from a single dashboard. Keep track what your competitors are writing about and make your foot-step on it first. You can also set Keyword Alerts on Feedly like Google Alerts.
  4. Hubspot Blog topic generator: Put the Nouns on the boxes, and Hubspot will tell you what to write about.
  5. UberSuggest: Use this tool to explore what people are searching and what Google Suggest when people search anything that are related to your industry/niche.
  6. Buzzsumo: If you want to know what kind of contents are being shared more on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social platforms from your niche; then you must have to go to Buzzsumo and explore them and get ideas to write on your own blog.
  7. Ahrefs: Like Buzzsumo, ahrefs also have similar Content Explorer feature which you can use to brainstorm your next blog ideas.

If you have any other ideas, suggestions or tools that you personally love using to generate your next blog writing ideas; share with us by commenting below.


Keep sharing the good stuffs. 🙂