Nasir Uddin shamim blogging

It has been a long time I published an article on any of my websites. Literally I quit blogging for some reasons. As I was a Professional blogger; sometimes, the time comes when your blog won’t generate you any money. Sometimes, you are banned from some Ads Network or monetization platforms which discourage you to move ahead. And this was exactly happened to me. Some of my blogs were penalized by Google and some were dead due to my inactivity.

How This Journey Begins

But somehow you have to come back. You have to come back with all the potentials and talents you have; like the tigers who poses behind to jump ahead to their destination with even stronger and higher attitudes. You already knew the ins and outs of it and the ups and downs. And, so do I.

Nasir Uddin shamim blogging

I started my first blog at 2003 on Mobile Platform and that was based on Later, I stumbled upon on 2007 and opened another blog there in a little bit professional way. After passing 2+ years on Blogspot platform, I switched to WordPress.Org and made my first professional blog with a TLD name and Hosting Server on 2010. So, that was my starting and I had never looked back.

I monetized my blogs by Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates and CPA stuffs. I explored enormous ways of how to make money online and always looking forward to take my Online Career to next level.

Due to my academic background and as the Bangladeshi society expects; I had to postpone most of my online activities for a job I got right after my graduation. But, I got an opportunity to have a partnership with some of my friends and built DevsTeam (An Internet Marketing Company). After 2 years of my traditional job at a Government Organization; I quit that job to be fully present at DevsTeam and making our company bigger than before.

In essence; this is my story of how I grew up for today. So, I am thinking, I shouldn’t forget my root and should contribute to the like-minded society with what I know.

So, again, my blogging journey resumed and I hope, I can continue blogging on this domain for rest of my life. However, you will notice lots of Bengali Video Tutorials on the main site of this domain which is basically a Vlog for some reasons. Lack of time and improper time management issue made me run that Video Blog as you don’t have to write anything…just talk what you know, record it and publish over 🙂

What I Am Going To Do In This Blog

Anyways, I always love writing. And I am going to get back to my track again. Here I am going to make a list of the topics to let myself pointed about what are the subjects or industries I will be covering up in my Internet Marketing Blog. As follows:

  • Everything about Internet Marketing like Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Social Media Marketing – SMM, Search Engine Marketing – SEM, Make Money Online – MMO, Online Entrepreneurship – How To Start Businesses Online.
  • Everything about Blogging like Professional Blogging, Writing and Copy Tips, Blog Marketing Tricks, WordPress For Bloggers and so on.
  • I have a plan to start a YouTube Channel for this website where I will publish Marketing & Blogging Tutorials in English. I know I am not that Good in English and my pronunciations will create some problems (As I am not a native English speaker); but nobody is perfect in this world. I know, the English people will laugh at me…but this is not gonna stop me to give it a try!
  • I will try to enrich my blog with various resources for free. These resources will include Internet Marketing Ebooks, Online Marketing Slides, Social Media Marketing Books, Marketing Documents, Online Entrepreneurship Tools and Spreadsheets and so on.
  • Blog would be simple. I will keep it simple stupid so that my readers don’t get distracted by anything else; even by the tiny loading time differences or color obstacles to the eyes.

So, Here Are The Plans

So my main domain will have only Bengali speaking audience from all over the world who loves Bangla video tutorial about Online Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Simultaneously, will have English speaking Internet Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship lovers from all over the world who love reading Marketing Materials on blog and also love watching video tutorials on YouTube.

Last but not the least; I believe, knowledge is the power. And if the power is shared; the whole world will get its touch and becomes more powerful. This is the motto of this blog. So, keep sharing knowledge of this blog if you find this useful for you; someone of your circle might be empowered somehow for this single share!

Final Note

As I was irregular on blogging (specially writing); you may find lots of jargon words used and flow of the words has been broken most of the time in this article. Please pardon me those mistakes. I will overcome those shortly. 🙂 Keep me in your prayer.