How To Start A Blog By Own

You have landed on this page means you want to create a website or blog now.

And you need to create it within next 30 minutes…right?

I assure you that, you will create your first website or blog within next 30 minutes though you don’t have any idea about programming or developing a website from scratch!

And I know you never did this before!

Lets move on….

Your #1 step of creating a website : choose a domain name

Your first website should have a name, right?

Like your phone number, your website name would be unique and only you  of this world will own the website’s name.

Your first website name can be your first name or full name, or your dream business’s name or you can name it by your baby boy’s name.

But one thing; the name of your website should be unique and it should be available on Domain Registrars.

Wait, what? Domain Registrar!

Yes, you must have to registrar your website name, so that you can legally be owner of that website and no one can possess it anytime soon within the next 1 year.

So, you have to check whether your chosen name of your website is available or not on the .com or .net or .org (theres many) domain.

How to do this?

Its super easy. Just follow the steps below –

a) Click on this link and you see there is a search box opened named “type here to search for a domain name”. Put your desired website name there (just the name or keyword, nothing else) and tap the “SEARCH” button.  Check the image below –

create your own website

If its green; then its available to buy. If its red; then try other combination of your website name and don’t stop until you find one domain name that are green; means available.

Once you found your ultimate name that are available to registrar, copy the name and quite that Instant Domain Search site.

Lets get back to registrar the name and make it completely yours.

N.B: There is a hosting company to give you a FREE domain if you buy hosting from them. Click Here to get your free domain!

b) There are lot of companies who help you to registrar your domain name for yourself.

But I would recommend you to choose NameCheap as they are reliable, comparatively affordable and your domain will be safe for forever.

Namecheap is offering 98% off on different TLDs and gTLDs.

HostGator is offering $5+ domains for a year.

Bluehost is offering a FREE domain if you buy hosting from them at only $2.5 Per month.

To registrar your first domain name online; follow the simple steps below:


  • Click on this link to go to NameCheap.
  • Click on Sign Up button and fill up everything required. For example, your real email ID, desired user name, passwords – just like any other simple registration process.domain name registration
  • Once done with registration, confirm it from your email ID and sign in with your user name and pass. Then click on the Registration under “Domains” tab showed on the image below.Domain Name Selection for Blog
  • Now enter your website or domain name on the search box of NameCheap that you found from the first step of this process (Instant Domain search). Click on the Search Button again.
  • Click on the cart button (this button looks like a real basket, ha ha).buy your domain name cheap
  • Now view your domain details before checking out. Click on the “View Cart” button.steps to create website
  • Apply promo code (or special deals, coupon code, black Friday coupon, etc) and confirm your your own website

You are done. You have successfully bought your first website name/Domain name and awesomely completed the very first step of building your first website or blog.

Lets move ahead and buy an online space to store your text, images, videos and your website’s content as a whole in one space so that public can check these out.

Choose a Web Hosting : Your #2 step to proceed.

You have a domain and you need a hosting to live your first website. Setting up web hosting is super easy and I am going to show you how to buy your first hosting and set that up.

Lets get started.

Domain & Hosting Special Offers Below For Today To Day After Tomorrow : Only 3 Days

BlueHost is offering 60% off on their hosting plan. So, you can build your own website today just for $2.65/Month.

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a) Click here to buy a hosting from Bluehost. There are lots of other companies who sell you web hosting but Bluehost is better in terms of uptime, pricing, customer support and reliability. If you don’t like Bluehost, then choose Siteground or Hostgator – both are pioneer in the hosting industry right behind of Bluehost.

Lets learn how to buy hosting from Bluehost and connect with your domain and live your first website today.

b) Click on the green “Get Started Button” on the box of homepage of Bluehost and proceed.

buy hosting from bluehost

c) Select the “Basic” hosting plan of Bluehost as it is good enough for your first website and blog. The screenshot shows $3+ per month…but it actually $1.5+ per month if you follow this link.

make your blog

d) Enter your domain name here. If you don’t have any domain name yet, put your desired domain name on the “New Domain” box and click on “Next”.

domain selection for blog

e) Now create your Bluehost account. Enter your Account Information correctly that matches with your Credit Card data. You may see a pop up box offering you just $1.50 per month hositng in Bluehost. Don’t miss this offer. That offer will look like the image below –

website making special offer

f) On the middle of the page; find the Package Information boxes and select the right account plan. By default its for 3 years plan..but click on that and get a 12 months plan. Untick services you don’t need like “Domain Privacy Protection”, Site Backup Pro”, “Sitelock Security” to make your hosting package pricing as minimum as possible for starting.

build a website

g) On the last section of the page; enter your credit card/ mastercard details, tick on the Privacy Policy & TOS box and click on “Submit” button.

buy domain and hosting for blog

You are done! You will receive an email containing all the information of your hosting plan, user ID, IP Address and Domain Name Servers (DNS) info.

Connect your Domain Name With Your Web Hosting

If you buy domain from Bluehost; your domain name will automatically be connected with your Hosting and you don’t need to manually put DNS address to your Domain Control Panel to get both Hosting and Domain connected.

But if you buy domain from another company like Namecheap; then follow this simple process below:

a) Login to your Namecheap account and switch to your Domain List and then click on the Domain tab like the image showed below.

DNS server setup on Domain

b) Scroll down to the Nameservers tab and change the Default Namecheap DNS to Custom DNS and put your Bluehost DNS (Nameservers) sent to your email. Your bluehost DNS would be like: and You have to enter on the first box and on the second box of Nameserves section of Namecheap.

If you are still struggling to set everything up; knock me here. I will set everything for your for just $99 with any kind of support for next 3 months.

You are done!

Now lets install WordPress on our website so that we can easily design it, put contents, images and required data so that it looks like a real website.

Lets move on!

Installing WordPress & Designing The Website Without Any Programming Knowledge

Once you are done with connecting domain name and hosting following the steps mentioned above; lets dive into your cPanel (cPanel is a Hosting Dashboard where you will manage your sites content, design, emails and everything).

To enter into your cPanel; type this on your browser – (here replace with your real website) and put the User Name & Password that Bluehost sent you to your email.

Your cPanel will look like this image –

cpanel of bluehost

Now install WordPress on your domain. Don’t be panicked. Its super easy. Follow the simple process below:

a) Scroll down to the Software Segment of your cPanel and click on the “Softaculous Apps Installer”.

installing wordpress on domain

b) Click on the WordPress and then tap “Install”.

create a blog with wordpressc) It will open another page where you have to put the domain name, directory, site name, site description, User Name & Passwords for the Website Admin Panel.

wordpress installation
d) Once everything is done above; scroll down the page and click on the “Install” button.

WordPress will be installed on your website and you will be given a link where you can click and login to your Website Admin Dashboard of WordPress ( You will require username and password that you entered while installing wordpress on step b).

Well, you are about to launch your website to your friends and people of all over the world wide web.

Just need to install a good looking theme, publish a content or welcome text and all are set.

Lets tweak your site and make it more pretty. Follow the simple steps below –

a) Type (replace with your real website) on the browser and hit enter. You will be needing your user name and password of WordPress. Just enter the credentials and click on log in.

b) You will be landed on a dashboard like the image below. Look on the left ash colored sidebar and scroll down and find the “Appearance” tab and hover your mouse there like this image. See, “Themes” appeared and click on it.

wordpress dashboard

c) On the new page you will see a button at the top middle of the page named “Add New”. Click on it and you will be landed to a page with huge collection of free WordPress them. Scroll slowly and think which them gonna be perfectly suited with your website and the audience.

wordpress theme installation

d) Just hover your mouse to any of the them and you will see an “Install Now” button. Click to install and you are all set.

BINGO! you have successfully created your first website today and you need to go outside and have an Pizza!

If you messed any steps mentioned here; click here to let me know. I will help you fix that and set your first website up with just $99.

And then come back to make your website more professional by adding contents, images and other stuffs.

Just check the Theme Details (while installing) and you will find a link of their documentation of how to edit each and every section of the theme to make it more professional and unique to your Website Traffic.

Last but not the least; lets calculate the time we may need to make our website or blog by our own:

Domain Registration With NameCheap: 5 minutes

Hosting Registration With Bluehost: 8 Minutes

Hosting & Domain Setup & Connection in Between: 10 Minutes

Installing WordPress With a Theme: 7 Minutes

Thats a total 30 minutes is good enough to make your website today by merely $15 to be spent.

Let me knock here at Quick Web Setup Zone if you need further assistance!

Have a great day.