Digital Bangladesh

Well, as being a Digital Marketer since 2010, I have seen couple of governments are taking rule of the peoples republic of Bangladesh. Some are doing pretty well on some sectors and some are worsening the scenario.

I don’t know whether this is a real news or bullshits that – the former government (BNP) actually didn’t let the Fiber Cable authority passing the Cable in the area of Bangladesh’s Bay of Bengal and thats why Broadband Internet took so long to come in Bangladesh.

Aha! Thats terrific decisions by the administrations of Bangladesh Government.

I don’t know whether this another news is real or not that – present government (AL) is selling broadband to India at even cheaper rate of what the local Bangladeshi subscribers are paying.

But one thing that seems to me positive that; in this 2017 Bangladesh is slowly becoming a Digitalized country though having lots of negativity and corruptions.

Here are some real signs of Digital Bangladesh – at least, to me:

  1. All the ministry of Bangladesh has the official website now.
  2. Ministers are slowly started using Social Media sites, specially Facebook. So the general people can easily find them and ask questions or seek help.
  3. Police and other Armed Forces of Bangladesh has their own Mobile Apps for Public assistance. The DG, SP, ASP and all the armed police battalion can be easily accessed and talked over Telephone using the Mobile Apps.
  4. The National ID cards and Passports are Digital and people’s information are being Digitally stored.
  5. Government of Bangladesh taking various steps to extend the digital activities in all over the country through their Access To Information (A2I) program.
  6. A2I taken necessary initiative to teach the local boys about making money online by helping them developing skills on different sectors. Like Graphic Design, Mobile Apps Development, Web Development, PHP and JAVA Programming, Software Development and helping the local training centers to provide SEO Training in Bangladesh.
  7. The villagers can get the information about weather and agricultures from their Union Office where the Government employees provide information for free.
  8. Students can easily access to government distributed education programs using the websites and other digital medium like YouTube, Facebook and so on.


Whats the obstacles that actually builds the Wall in front of Bangladesh to be fully digitalized?

Here you go:

I have talked about some positive issues above. Those are pretty good to hear and refreshing to the ear; but sadly, there are some serious issues that are preventing us to take Bangladesh as a semi-digital country yet.

What are these? Move on…

  1. Most of the Bangladesh Government run websites has literally no value and has little to no content on the site.
  2. Real experts are not being hired to teach the locals so that the quality is not there. Thus, the government is being deprived and the local boys and girls are getting nothing but some basic stuffs which is something like picking a stone and throwing it on the sea and jumping on the sea to find the stone again!
  3. Organizations or Coaching centers who have direct link with Awami League are getting the projects and others who has no link are not being selected though having better eligibility and experience on the field.
  4. The MPs (Member of Parliaments) and Ministers are not available on Facebook and Social Medias like what we see often and natural in our neighborhood country like India.
  5. Government are actually confining the mobile or digital money transfer in Bangladesh by applying numerous laws and policies. So the Mobile Banking is literally going to die soon in Bangladesh. To me, its a massive block in front of digitalizing Bangladesh.
  6. Even after several attempts; PayPal are not coming to Bangladesh so that the boys and girls from Bangladesh who are involved in outsourcing are not getting payment processing flexibility anytime soon.
  7. Digital Banking system is still hassling and ancient. Only the ATM booth are the unique Digital attempts to the local Banking system. But, still, the bank are not being able to make the banking system easier. Though some banks have their own Mobile Applications; but they are limiting it asking for Hardware or Software Tokens which is bullshits to me.


Still, I am hopeful. And I dream, within 2030 – Bangladesh will be a full Digital Country!

Best luck, Bangladesh!