Where Life Breaks

You are being fucked everyday!

Its not negativity but is the life-fucking-earned experience!

If you compromise, understands and manage; you already have been fucked, being fucked and will be fucked until you die.

This world is not a bed of roses or full of people who cares or have shit-load of time to look back you.

Don’t be that cool, society-thinking-dickhead, good-behavioral-fool anymore.

Its your life.

Don’t let it be like what others like how it is to be….mostly, when its the matter of happiness.

Lets turn around, face the reality and get out of the freaking-guilty-feeling attitude.

Fuck it back.

Fuck the emotions holding you back.

Be mean, who have been mean to you. People will point their finger to you (because you are a good boy)…fuck them.

Be selfish…even though you can’t…pretend it….show them it fucking hurts.

Be rude, to who are rude with you. If someone keep you calm, fuck them.┬áRelatives mind it? Fuck’em all.

Be bolder. Fuck everything’em back.

Lie, if you have been lied so many times.

Be aggressive, ruthless, vigorous…like how you have been treated…fuck them back.

Start yelling…if you have been yelled by others so many times already.

What are you thinking? You are too innocent, cute and too good not to fuck back?

Well, fuck you!

Now, all are you thinking that, why Shamim is publishing a post like this? He is not supposed to write this! He is not this type of guy!…

Well, I know I know. You are not supposed to know how I am being fucked everyday.

Its okay….not to know.

Its okay…not to publish the holy innocent post every time….right?

If you don’t think so…FUCK YOU.