People say you can’t recommend a book by its cover, but honestly … an attractive cover doesn’t upset when it comes to advertising. That’s why — whether you’re making lead group content, social content or infographics — your marketing materials should always be as visually interesting as much as possible.

And who doesn’t love to get stuff freely?

If I can find a free tool to do somewhat I’d otherwise have to pay for in my marketing, I’m going to try the free one first. Right!? If I can attain the same excellence result from the free tool, there’s no need to left-over budget. 

The trick is, creating all these lovely graphics isn’t exactly every marketer’s specialty. Design software can cost a lot. But there’s decent news!!

There are plenty easy-to-use tools which can be used freely and that can make you look like a master designer.

In this post I have covered 15 favorites graphic design tools which you can use to create visuals and images that’ll make your online marketing popular & stand out. Get ready to create imaginings, banners, infographics, and more like a total professional.

Canva Image Editing Tool

Canva is the most used image tool which makes image formation very easy using different templets for different platforms. Most of the images you see in social accounts are made in Canva.

canva image editing tool

Key features:

  • Makes custom image sizes for every social media channel,
  • drag-and-drop interface, cool fonts, and more.
  • Whether you’re looking to create an ebook, infographic, email header, business card, Canva has a template to shorten your process.
  • In fact, the free web design tool proposes expert, easy-to-customize patterns for any design need you can think of. 

Thinking about the best part?

The tool makes it easy to drag and drop kinds of stuff and images until you like the way it appears. It has been constructed with non-designers in attention. You can alter the images, change up the fonts, adjust the colors. Using Canva, you will get yourself a designer you can be proud of!!

Google Fonts

Looking for quality topography for your design? Check out Google Fonts!!

Key features

  • Using Google Fonts users can easily add a font to their website and download it to their website to use it later.
  • All the available fonts are open source
  • Users can customize, improve, and share them as they want.

CloudApp Image Sharing

CloudApp is mainly used for interior image sharing. CloudApp allows you to stock images online and links them easily and quickly for fast sharing.

Key features

  • Their new Mac app (free downloadable) comes with more progressive features like screengrabs and GIF creation. With the app, you can press Cmd+Shift+6 to make a GIF audiovisual of whatever you do on your screen.
  • Once the image creation is over, CloudApp can repeatedly put the image URL onto your clipboard. Ask CloudApp to download URL, and you can rapidly paste and download when the image is prepared.


Skitch is the simple screenshot tool from the creators of Evernote.

Key features:

  • It can easily clutch oddments of your screen, gloss them with text, shapes, and objects, and even “blur” out possibly private information.
  • You can then save those images to your desktop, or upload them unswervingly to your Evernote account.
  • Screenshots are countless adding to blog posts, white pages or ebooks that show off online reviews, software features, or other info only found on a screen.


Pictaculous is one of the most important elements of web design.

Key features:

  • You may want to make sure your graphics, images, and font colors all help carry your message and maybe even drive alterations. But often, it’s hard to find that exact shade of blue that’s in a photograph you need to use. And the problem can be solved through Pictaculous.Upload a photograph and then promptly get references for colors to practice, including their particular HEX codes. Your color palettes will never be clumsy again.


The software of presentation might not be the first thing that comes to mind for image formation. But there are many unprofessional designers who get countless use out of making images via the templates and tools for PowerPoint.

Key features

  • Just consider slides as images. And then think how easy it is to edit slides in PowerPoint. You can set pictures as slide backgrounds, place icons and graphics and add text and colors. When you save the slide in PowerPoint, choose to save as an image. And you’ll be set!
  • HubSpot offers some excellent initial templets for building infographics through PowerPoint.

Social Image Resizer Tool 

There are a huge number of dissimilar sizes and aspect ratios that work best on different social nets. Facebook prefers images to be more square whereas Twitter photos are best at a 2:1 ratio. Pinterest and Google+ prefer perpendicular images. You can keep all these images sorted with a tool like Social Image Resizer!

Key features:

  • Upload your wanted image, then choose from a vast drop-down list of places and options where you might like to use the image. You can change and scale the designated area to grasp the best look for your image.
  • The social networks that the tool supports are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.
  • You can drag and click to create a traditional image size using the tool. Image Resizer informs you of the new magnitudes as you change and resize the borders.
  • There are additional options for creating ideal images for different social networks like Social Media Image Maker , SizzlePig, Timeline Slicer  (Facebook tool for page and profile imagery).

Awesome Screenshot

Want to find yourself drowning in 20 different programs to edit, crop and annotate screenshots? 

With Awesome Screenshot (a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome), you can easily screenshot anything on the mesh and edit it straightly within your browser.

graphic design tool for bloggers screenshot

 This extension has become a staple of many browsers — I can’t go back to regular old screenshots anymore!


Facing problem when you want both flat and three-dimensional vector icons!? Then go for IconFinder!!

Key features

  • IconFinder is the place where stacks of 3-dimensional coins and reflective speech bubbles can run extensively through the site. It features a sieve for commercial use icons only.
  • Again, these icons are prodigious for use as buttons on your website in your lead generation offer content or in infographics as well.


Recite create images from quotes.

Key features

  • Mostly shared content suggestions and most general social inform are quotes. You can take quotes to the next level by generating images from them. Simply enter your quote into the editor on the homepage of Recite and choose a layout from the long list of templates!
  • Additional tools to create images from text are Quozio, Pinstamatic and Pinwords.

Over (Text onto photos)

Facing problem for sprucing up a photo with text over the topmost? Do this with Over!!

Key features

  • The Over app for iOS and Android lets you select any image on your expedient and customize with fonts, colors, text, and type sizes of your choosing.
  • Additional options for adding text to images are Phonto and Word Swag.


Let’s think you don’t have the budget for Photoshop and feel rather limited by PowerPoint’s visual editing competencies … then what to do? The answer is simple—check PicMonkey!!

Key features

  • If you want to smart up your images – add borders, re-color them, insert graphics on top, add text without downloading the additional program to your computer, check out PicMonkey. With this instinctive photo editing tool, you can spend more time optimizing your blog posts instead of sprucing up its supplementary featured image.


Are you looking for a Creative Commons image? Finding terrible options through its native search engine?

Check out Compfight!!! It will find all the possible creative commons images from Flickr. 

Key features

  • It often surfaces similar content
  • Compfight has an algorithm that locates the gorgeous images right at the top. In this way, it reduces image hunting time.
  • You don’t have to worry about precise attribution because Compfight will routinely generate HTML codes.  You can embed it in your website to suitably credit the original author.


Aviary is used as a popular desktop image app.

Key features

  • Aviary is available for different apps to use like MailChimp.
  • In adding to the filters and effects you’d supposed to discover on a mobile image app, Aviary offers stickers and frames, drawing tools, memes, rotate, crop, rotate, and straighten tools.

InVision and Marvel

InVision & Marvel are free interactive design tools.

Key features

  • Depending on the complexity of your design needs, you may find yourself in need this prototyping app. This kind of software can be used to turn your ideas into tangible reality. Whether the idea can be an app or a website that you’ve baked up in your head!!!
  • While there are many free options obtainable, but InVision and Marvel deliver ease in terms of use and functionality. InVision offers you more advanced, paid plans with one prototype at no cost. A free plan will grant your entree to unlimited projects with no bounds on time in case of Marvel.