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From Apple to GoDaddy, marketing ingrains thoughts of inspiration, humor and luxury in the minds of consumers. It’s often absurd to imagine a world where marketing didn’t exist, considering capitalism pretty much relies on it. After all, a well-devised marketing plan could take a company with a strong product and turn it into something singular.

Whether you’re just starting a small corporate or you’ve been handling retail marketing for years, a simple, yet influential website or blog is surely going to enlarge your marketing efforts and allow you to spread out to more potential clienteles. And marketing WordPress themes are the best tools for attaining this.

These marketing themes are filled with features for collecting emails, making bold design, building landing pages etc. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about the best marketing themes out there, and feel free to bookmark this page if you have several customers with marketing needs.

Once you’ve chosen your niche and domain, you need a theme that is going to attract the eye of your companies. A theme that is both mobile responsive and loads like lightning! Users and Google both like fast loading sites, so speed is an important factor when choosing your theme. You’ll find all these themes are fully mobile receptive, and you can test them in manifold sizes on the sample pages.

When you’re choosing your theme, think about the type of content you are going to produce and then decide which theme will showcase that best.

Let’s have a look on the important themes of WordPress now.

WordPress theme for marketers SteadyIncome

Steady Income is an internet-savvy, visually engaging WordPress theme, ideally right for webmasters looking for establishment of an online company, build an internet brand, and begin rasping in their hard-earned profits. Steady Income is intended to match those needs by maximizing acquaintance of your content, focusing heavily on customized content presentation, and enhancing the handling of search engine web crawlers for increased ranking and better indexing of content.

Steady Income comprehends the position of page views for a beginning online entrepreneur, and therefore it arranges your content with high resolution image assignment, shiny, highly legible, very impactful font choices, wide, customizable widget support to keep your audience engaged and entertained the instant their eyeballs drift from your content. Its coding has been enhanced to minimalize loading times, ensuring the wildest, most satisfying browsing experience for your users, which in return increments your returning visitor rates, and lowers your bounce rates. These all turns into more revenue.

Added to this is Steady Income’s supple and powerful subscription tool, to keep your captive audience truly captive, a featured products section to cast light on either content you want your users most attentive on, add revenue program optimization built right into the theme, and a receptive design that adapts your website to devices both mobile and desktop. Steady Income is the full package!

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wp themes for bloggers entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a spectacular, sophisticated Magazine WordPress theme, designed for entrepreneurial online magazine needs of all kinds. It has a strong focus on large, high definition images, ranked content display organization, one, two or three column style handling, categorized lists, tables and sidebars customizable with your content in numerous optional forms of thumbnail display. Built for management of large volumes of written content as well as accompanying media files, Entrepreneurship is suited both for casual formats as well as elegant, traditional magazine presentations in their modern, online personification. With a featured section dominating the visual space, your preferred content is sure to attract most viewers exactly to where you want them to be.

Packing powerful subscription tools for continual appealing with your audience, compatible with WordPress reviewing features for users to rate your content and propose feedback on it, allowing you to unceasingly improve the way in which you influence them, enabled for multiple authors via the author box feature so that multiple users can donate content to your magazine, optimized out of the box for search engine indexation as well as add revenue system management and addition, Entrepreneurship is a theme for those who have something to say, and an audience that’s attending!

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free wordpress theme for marketers

Ascent WordPress theme is intended with receptiveness in mind. This means that it’ll seem well on tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop of all sizes. The ground-breaking technology used is based on CSS3 and HTML5.

What I like about Ascent is the fruitfulness of the slider that looks above the header. In other words, your films get an added optimization that would make them stand out from the rest. If you’re a photojournalist, an info marketer or a content marketer, you can use Ascent to improve user knowledge. This theme has been copied over 30,000 times, making it one of the most popular WordPress expert and free themes. A right and left sidebar gives you added suppleness, and this theme is translation-ready. This is vital, if you’ll be serving a broader audience in diverse languages.

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awaken wordpress theme

Awaken WordPress theme can be used freely and has a 4 out of 5 star scores. If you’re loving of a minimalist design, this theme is for you. It’s extra white places push your content to the front and remove distractions. Awaken is a magazine theme that comprises two widget parts. The posts are showcased using three separate widgets.

The layout of this theme is built using Bootstrap outline, with mobile openness in mind. Mobile users will advantage from your blog, if you practice this theme. Another vital feature of Awaken is the attractive slider. The theme options panel gives you added elasticity, which allows you to change the theme color, font qualities and links.

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Paperback WordPress theme for blogger

Paperback is our number one since it is presently the theme we are using here on WP Stars. It’s considered as a magazine-style theme, and that outfits us down to the ground. Paperback lets you to modify the look and feel of your blog rapidly. One of the best features is the Category Mega Menu, which makes a drop-down post drawer with the newest posts in that group.

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writinwordpress theme premium

Writing is a clean and minimal theme preferably right for a individual blog. You can emphasis on writing your content that viewers will promptly enjoy. The border is simple, and you can choose which layout (Default, Classic, List, Masonry) outfits your blog better. The Writing theme has also been advanced with search engines in mind and is organized to boost your SEO consequences.

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quadrum wordpress theme

Quadrum is a remarkably ingenious and tremendously dependable, wonderfully ascendable and amazingly readable and user-friendly, high influence and very unforgettable, bright and colorful, loud and eye-catching, bold and outspoken, boldly designed and extremely feature-rich and tech-savvy receptive WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme. Quadrum is a highly flexible and astonishingly multipurpose WordPress theme, built theoretically around the magazine and news model, but gifted with the versatile functionality and deep-running topographies that let it to easily become so much more than that.

Owed to its ease of customization, forte at showcasing media-rich content and spacing lots of different posts and pages in original, engaging and good-looking ways, which you are entirely in control of through the premium Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins, making Quadrum a bizarre theme for attainment to people in general, and for marketing precisely. Quadrum is in fact one of the most all-around well balanced associate marketing website themes out there nowadays. With whole incorporation with the Woo Commerce suite, selling your facilities and assignments is easy as tart, while the included bbPress and BuddyPress plugins will allow your customers to easily find data and interact with you and each other through communal forums with progressive features. Try Quadrum today!

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ssmag wordpress theme free

SSMAG is a mobile approachable, plug and play FREE WordPress theme that has a grid based design. Content makers, bloggers and marketers will find this theme beneficial, because of its feature that places well-designed social share buttons. The design layout is adjusted to involve readers and to cause them to discover your site further. SSMAG was shaped in 2015. It has tradition widgets, to show text and HTML basics.

Separately from being browser well-matched, SSMAG theme provisions embedded video, which will play a energetic role in amplifying what your blog is all about, instead of using your contained image on a post page.

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myblog wp theme

MyBlog is a prodigious theme for bloggers and has everything you’ll need to generate a well-designed blog, with two homepage layouts, frequent sidebar and footer widgets, and a featured posts area. It can lodge four different post formats – Standard, Video, Gallery, Music – so whatever type of content you want to share will look familiar. MyBlog is also conversion ready; you just need to add the required .po files to get ongoing.

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Sensational is an eye-catching, colorful and pompous WordPress theme, one which boldly elaborates all content it offers with its stunning design elements. Sensational theme is designed for webmasters in need of appealing as many watches as possible through stunning headlines or large high resolution images. Numerous layout choices place themselves repeatedly in response to detect user viewing device, confirming your audience can enjoy your content on their phones, tablets or PCs flawlessly. Flying simulations and effects, endless color options, customized fonts and the ability to add your own icons as a sole icon font all mean that your spectators is sure to be kept fascinated by your website, whether their consideration is focused in a post or wandering towards the respite of your website. Wherever the eye goes, Sensational is everywhere, making things gloss.

It is even there where eyes don’t go. SEO optimization means search engine processes can comprehend different sections of your website and index them more professionally, making your website identical with ever more relevant user hunts, and thus transporting in a lot more traffic, a lot more views, and most prominently, highly pertinent, related users, who are far credible to be returning and become a caged audience. The always nearby “related posts” feature are sure to keep users lively around for a long while!

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schema wordpress theme

The Schema Theme from MyThemeShop posters itself as the fastest loading, ultra-SEO approachable WordPress theme.

People have run some tests against the renowned Genesis Framework to verify Schema, and the results look imposing. Schema is not just a fast filling theme, it has also been coded correctly to tell search engines about the diverse components of your page (header, sidebar, footer, main content) so that they can rapidly rank your content.


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coupon xl wp theme

CouponXL is an all-inclusive, influential WordPress theme intended for webmasters constructing coupon and reduction deal combining websites targeted at enormous audiences. The tools and features provided with this theme make possible to handle thousands of customers, orders, payments and communications.

Stuffing a full membership system, CouponXL will help you to withstand a captive audience of return customers, securing your income, particularly when joined with the powerful MailChimp feature. Separate affiliate covering keeps your partners isolated, an open front end for user proposal of deals and coupons. The theme offers different styles to manage websites focusing on advertising opportunities. This is a complete payment administration system for both sending and collecting duties, modern social media registration features. CouponXL is a bag full of infinite ways to deal your coupons.

The features like boundless color, contextual and font customization, native SEO optimization and openness, with enduring links for calmer indexation, geolocating capabilities for stores, deals and coupons seemingly never stop with CouponXL, and neither will the profits. If your goals are large, CouponXL will make your consequences larger than life.

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ample wordpress theme free

Ample is a free minimalist and multipurpose WordPress theme that comes to personalize your blog with eye catching and professional theme. The theme offers feature-rich options for customizing your layout and locating the right metrics for your site.

Structure of your personal brand is an essential part of running a fruitful online business. So, it’s necessary to modify your site, by adding a professional logo and relevant header text that will appear in front of your target audience. Ample multipurpose WordPress theme is appropriate for business or individual use and will work well in any industry, but it’s predominantly useful for authors, freelance writers and review writers.

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If you face any issues installing theme or making live your first blog; then knock me over the contact. I will try to help you on this regard. In the meantime, read this article to install WP, Theme and run your blog manually.