Outsourcing In Bangladesh | How & Where To Start?

Bangladesh in its pick of Outsourcing era. The government is also pushing the local boys and girls to start freelance outsourcing in Bangladesh. They started different programs to teach and showing them the path of freelancing.

But what actually the outcome is?

To answer the question; we need to ask another question and that is – “Can I boy or girl can start outsourcing after a 7 days workshop or a 30 days course?”.

Absolutely not.

Outsourcing is not about creating profiles on Upwork or Fiverr and start earning money.

Its all about providing quality services and solving other people’s (clients) problem.

And in order to provide quality services and solve problems; one must have to be eligible and experienced enough on any given sector.

One must have to be skilled.

In Bangladesh, we, the media and most of the Techy guys don’t want to focus the Skill Building part but love to talk about the money, dollars, and screenshots. 🙂

We often forget to develop skill though we have a high ambition to make money online.

In this video; I outlined what to seriously consider and learn before starting outsourcing and what makes you (the newbie) successful even faster.


Resources To Start Outsourcing in Bangladesh

In the video; I have talked about some resources to get you started. Please watch that to understand what to do, whats not do and how to prepare yourself and where to approach to get your first freelancing projects.

Here, I will share more resources so that you can follow them and make them work for you.

What Type of Outsourcing Jobs Available For Me?

Fortunately, in the top freelancing platforms; you will get hundreds of thousands of jobs type to match with your desired skill. Just focus on your core skill and passion and ask yourself what you are good at and what you love researching online or what you love spending time with?

Here are the links to browse the top freelancing website’s available job offers:

Upwork Jobs : You will get everything at this link. Just browse the category and start matching your skill with the category. Think which category you can pick on and build yourself on that. If you have an accounting background, then carefully look the accounting or finance related Jobs category. If you know Networking; then find your desired jobs from the IT and Networking category. If you are good at writing; then check the Writing Category. And if you don’t know anything but have some basic Microsoft World or Excel skill; then check the Admin Support category. Hope, you get the idea.

Fiverr Gigs: Are you funny enough or love to do funny stuff with your friends? Then check the “Fun and Lifestyle” category. Check this Fiverr Account run by two Bangladeshi boys. They are doing extremely well. If you love editing videos; then check the Video & Animation or Music or Audio category. If you know about SEO, then check the “Digital Marketing” category. You get the idea bro. Now develop your skill and start creating gigs.

People Per Hour PPH Jobs: Like Upwork and Fiverr; PPH offers more money per project. So, you can check their jobs offerings right now and build your skill on that. As the market is mostly occupied by the UK freelancers; but still you have the scope to build your own empire there. Go and check them out.

Guru Freelance Jobs: This marketplace is not saturated yet like Upwork. So, this is the perfect time to check their jobs and projects and understand what clients expect. Browse all of your skills related entries and try to understand what you are missing to learn yet. Then learn them and become stronger with your skill sets and get an account on Guru.

Freelancer Dot Com Jobs: This platform is one of the oldest in the industry. They have vast numbers of jobs categories to match with your interest and skill set.

Facebook Search: Here you see, I just used my Facebook Search Tab and found lots of jobs or projects from the real owner who actually needs graphic designing services. You can use your own Facebook ID to do that. Just think about how the Job posters or project owners write when the need to hire someone from Facebook and use this trick to find a freelance job that matches your skill.

Twitter Search: You see, I have searched “Looking for SEO Expert” on Twitter and it showed me all the tweets about SEO projects and jobs. You can filter the result by location, profile-level, and language as well.

LinkedIn Jobs: LinkedIn is a great place to find remote jobs regarding your skill. You just need to build a good LinkedIn profile with all of your skill sets and expertise. Select “Search Worldwide” option and you will get plenty of open jobs in all over the world no matter whatever your skillset it.

These sites are just the starting point. Focus only one platform at a time and try to get some projects. This will surely build your confidence. Even I myself doesn’t rely on mainstream marketplaces and prefer the LinkedIn, Twitter and FB searches because I usually get higher end/ high priced projects always from the outside of freelance marketplaces.

So, you now know what you have to do and where to go to get your first outsourcing projects.

Remember, your skill is your asset and take care of it from now on.

Otherwise, no matter how many marketplaces you know, you will not get any projects from anywhere.

Stick with your basics, develop it, be confident and then jump into the marketplaces.

Best wishes.

Note: I am providing a Skill Building Training Online on SEO; go, check and enroll if you are interested.

Best luck.

Wishing you have a wonderful future ahead.

Outsourcing In Bangladesh | How & Where To Start?
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