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From this Google Ranking Factors Video Tutorial, you will learn about-

– Keyword in title tag
– Keyword in description tag
– Keyword in H1 tag
– Using keywords in the pages copy.
– Length of the content.
– Duplicate content
– Canonical tag
– Image Optimization
– Content Updates.
– Outbound links
– Internal links.
– Keyword in URL
– Sitemap
– Domain trust
– Server location.
– Mobile optimised site
– Google Webmasters Tools integration.
– Off Page factors
– Domain factors

Google Ranking Factors – Bangla Tutorial
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  • Abhirup Deb says:

    Good Job Boss, One of the best and detail tutorial one could create

  • Nasrin Akter Sweety says:

    Dedicated lecture i have seen in my working life. I am a student of Environment Science and Resource Management but i am interested in SEO field to build my career. I want to be a freelancer in SEO field but i have no idea about how to learn SEO at home. My financial condition is not good so i can’t go to a institution. Please give me some suggestion.

  • rasel says:

    have any different between title and meta title?please answer me.

  • Md nizam uddin says:

    I am from lakshmipur,ramgonj.I am studying at ramgonj govt college.
    recently I have knew about freelancing,I am very interested to this.
    I want to build up my career as a freelancer on seo field..

    to be a successful freelancer..on seo side.
    what I can do.??
    what should I do.

  • sunnykhan says:

    i want to know that basic work of seo which if i complate i will do job

  • Very Useful Tutorial To learn Technical SEO…..

  • shaad says:

    You are a great. I love your all tutorial. I never see like your seo tutorial. Your blog have huge information about seo. Your videos are so good.

  • Istiak Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a question. I am learning SEO from this website and working practically. I make efforts on my website with on page seo and some link buildings. But sometimes it happens that while I am working my website rank got decreased,and if I stop that work for a certain period of time(may be 1 or 2 weeks) I see it goes up than before.

    Can you say why this happens? It makes me frustrated. Such as a keyword was 67 before work, I worked heart and soul for a week with on page and off page issues,it got 98. I left work for a week or 2 weeks and then suddenly saw it to 23! Several times it happened to me.


    • It’s very logical. What are the links you are building today; you will not get the result of it by today or tomorrow…you have to wait at least a week or two to see it impacts. So, when you left work for 2 weeks and see that you jumped on 23; means your previous work paid off and worked like a charm!

      Keep on working! You are on the right path.

  • Istiak Ahmed says:

    Thank you Sir for your response. I will keep working.

  • jubaiyer says:

    amar question ta holo amar website ar pri post gulo sob google ar first page a but site a kono traffic asce na plz jodi aibisoye amake aktu help korten tahole amar onek upokar hoi

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