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একজন সাধারণ মানুষের গুগল সার্চ এবং একজন এসইও মার্কেটারের গুগল সার্চ একরকম হবে না। কেমন আলাদা হবে? এই বইটা পড়লেই বুঝতে পারবেন। 🙂 কোন কুয়েরি কাজ না করলে সঠিকটা খুঁজে বের করে কমেন্ট করার অনুরোধ করছি। 😀

A search engine query is a construct on a specific search term. The searcher has requested information from the bot. You can use plain text or special search terms using the Search engine to find the right information. Search engine Collects more analytical data from the internet. The users can benefit, If the search engine has more data, the results will be more accurate.

Download the PDF here: Click This Link

Or, use the PDF viewer below to learn the Search Queries and Parameters we might need to search different files on Google and Bing.

These Search Engine Queries will help you to find exact kind of information from Google & Bing.

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  1. Many many thanks brother for your kind information.may allah bless you inshalla. I thikn anyone can get a massive benefited by reading this pdf file.thanks

  2. Hi bro
    I found very useful in your PDF file as a inforamative book. and also, i saw other of your turorials what was very informative too. by the way, thanks a lots for your hard works.

  3. Only thanks is not enough to express gratefulness to you. It’s really hard to find someone like you, who can help people for free.

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