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I tried to answer some basic SEO Questions raised by students of DevsTeam Institute. Here you go:

If you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below. I will try to answer these one by one.


SEO Questions Answers Session
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  • Hello sir, How are you today?

    I have a question. My keyword is ” High PR social bookmarking sites”. And the LSI keywords are well sprinkled on the post that i want to rank. Also, i checked that keyword from keyword reavelar. Its difficulty is 23 probably. The website who have gotten 1st place, its almost 23 backlinks. If i build 25 backlinks from question answer, forum, web 2.0 and blog commenting, then would it help me to get top 5 place. Also maximum this resources gives no follow backlinks. Waiting for your reply.


    • If you’r competitor have 30 backlinks; you just double the number with high quality links….for instance, if they get links from sites A, B, C, D; make sure you get the links from those same sites along with more links from slightly high quality sites. Besides, make sure your contents are in better shaped, designed and provides more value than your competitors.

      In Addition; try to increase the number of your post’s social shares; specially on G+, Tw and FB.

      Best luck. 🙂

  • rasel says:

    vai ami amar site ar akta title change korci ,but sheta google show kortesena.

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