Most Exclusive & Personalized SEO Training in Bangladesh

Get yourself on the line! Learn SEO & build your business online, or help others to build their businesses!

How This SEO Training Is Different?

  • You will get chance of working directly on real life SEO projects as I will give you SEO tasks to complete and this is the way you will keep learning.
  • My Free SEO videos are available on this site. You will have the ideas to get started and do well if you follow my Free tutorials. But, I will share more in-depth, exclusive SEO tutorials that I never shared on this blog.
  • Extensive support directly from me.
  • Course module is designed to get you started from the very basic to advanced level.
  • Get my recommended SEO tools I am using to research by your own.
  • Other Premium videos, ebooks, resources and tools are FREE for you.
  • Lifetime access to my secret SEO Group on Facebook from where you will be able to learn from other SEO experts.
  • Personal, one to one SEO Training which is very first time in Bangladesh! I will help you over Skype or FB Messenger once you are struggling with your own projects.
  • In this Premium SEO Training, I will show you how to start building a website from the scratch, find the keywords, write contents, build links and rank the site along the way. So you will get to know how SEO works while doing the course.
  • Provide corporate SEO training in Bangladesh exclusively. So, you will also learn the eco-system of insanely large websites and how SEO works there.
  • You will get to know how to get SEO clients outside of Freelance-Outsourcing Marketplaces to build your career!

SEO Training Bangla Video Course Module

Training Session 01

SEO Basics

  • What is SEO?
  • Why SEO is so powerful?

How Google Works

  • How Google ranks a website?
  • Google Ranking Factors
  • Google Algorithm Basics

Training Session 02

Keyword Research for Niche Websites

  •  Manual Keyword Research for Niche site.
  •  Keyword Research for Niche Site using premium tools.

Keyword Research for Bigger Goal

  •  Keyword Research for Authority or Brand-targeted websites.
  •  Keyword Research Reporting.

Training Session 03

  • Launching Your First Website
  • Buying Domain
  • Buying Hosting
  • Theme Installation
  • Free SSL Installation

Training Session 04

  • On Page Optimization
  • Content, Meta, Tags & Other Stuffs

Training Session 05

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Audit Reporting & Fixation

Training Session 06

Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

  • Data Highlighter Tool
  • Schema Markup Data Implementation
  • Website Error Fixation

Training Session 07

Google Analytics

  • Website set up on Analytics.
  • Goal Setup
  • Data grabbing.

Training Session 08

  • Content Strategy Development For Niche & Authority Website.
  • Writing Content by yourself.

Training Session 09

  • Link Building for Niche Sites
  • Link Building for Authority Sites
  • PBN Creation

Training Session 10

  • Google’s Penalty & Algorithm Updates

Training Session 11

  • Selling SEO Services to the clients
  • Marketing & SEO’ing own websites for a long term income online.

Training Session 12

  • Overview & QA.

Training Session 13

  • Project Evaluation & Next Step Actions.

Premium SEO Pricing: 8,000 BDT

Minimum Requirements: Good/Average in English Writing or Understanding & Basics on Computer & Internet.

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Why You Are Offering Paid SEO Training Video?

I am offering this Paid Training because, I felt that the Local Bangladeshi guys and girls need more systematic, advanced and extensive training on SEO to compete on the International Market. I have remade my existing videos with more information, updated tricks along with a lot of advanced stuff that I didn’t share in this blog as free seo videos.

And to make those videos, I needed extra time, research, understandings and motivation. Besides, I have a plan to help the guys in future personally on their own projects.

These are the actual reasons to the plan behind of this paid video course.

Why Are You Selling SEO Video Courses in BD Whereas You Have The Chance to Train In Person?

Initially, I had a plan to arrange some training session in my office. But eventually I couldn’t make it because of the setup and the extra time I need to put in that.

I have to manage a lot of projects everyday and after that I rarely get the time to arrange physical training.

So, I though an advanced SEO video tutorial course would be much easier to manage for me and the guys outside of Dhaka would find it easier too to learn the advanced stuff directly from me.

Are those videos available to buy for anyone?

Nope! People will have to keep in waiting list first. I will send them some Email and if they reply me, understand the process and difficulties and want to give it a hard try; only then I will sell them.

Its because, I have a plan to support them via Facebook, Email and Private Group. And I will make sure 90% of them are successful. So, I want to keep the numbers limited so that I can manage all and help them when they are stuck.

A lot of people are selling SEO Video Training Videos in Bangladesh. Why Should I buy yours?

Check my free SEO video tutorials on this site. You will get the idea of my standard. I have ensured more quality, wider topics, in-depth videos on every SEO topics of this course.

So, this course is kind of Premium and Exclusive.

I don't want to buy your SEO Course. Any suggestions for me?

Sure…no problem. Keep exploring the existing SEO videos of this site. For the beginner, existing videos are good enough to start the career.

My suggestion is; build the foundation by waiting existing videos and once you think you need to step up and learn some more advanced stuff in SEO to have a solid presence on the International Market; then buy the Premium Course.

Until then, keep watching Free SEO videos from

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